Debris Flow Association

Селевая ассоциация

Application Form

The Organizing Committee informs that the receiving of application forms have been completed. We plan to send the individual invitations soon.

Abstract Guidelines

The receiving of abstracts have been completed.

Publication of the Conference Proceedings

We accept original, previously unpublished articles. The articles should contain no more than 30000 characters with spaces. Articles should correspond to the themes of the conference.
The text should be divided into sections: introduction, brief review of the problem, methods, data, analysis, conclusions, acknowledgements, and references. Do not number the pages. Page size – A4; Font – New Times Roman, 12 pt, MS Word text editor, single-spaced.
At the beginning of the article, the following information is given (each item from a new line):

Figures (graphs, photo) must be placed in the text of the article. The quality of the figures should be high. Figures (Fig. 1) can be both black-and-white and colored. All figures captions and labels should be in place. The thickness of the lines must be at least 0.15 mm. The size of the text on the figure must correspond to the figure. Figures should be easily readable.
Tables (Table 1) should be placed in the body of the article. Table number and title should be placed above the table.
The equations created in the Microsoft Equation editor should be numbered. Reference to an equation number is given in the text in parentheses.
The letter designations and abbreviations used in the article should be deciphered at the first mention in the text or expressions to the formulas.
Units of measure are specified in the International System of Units.
In the text, references to cited publications shall be given in square brackets, indicating the name of the first author and the year of publication [Yablokov, 2009; Schroder et al., 2010].
A list of references should be given in the end of the article and compiled in the alphabetical order.
The file name consists of the surname and initials of the first author and should be typed in Latin letters, e.g., ivanov_a_b.doc.
All articles should be submitted for approval to the Organizing Committee.
Please send your articles to the address:
Deadline for submission is May 1, 2020.
Authors will be notified about acceptance. We plan to prepare the volume of proceedings before the opening of the conference.

Poster presentations

Please prepare your posters in А0 format, vertical orientation.