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Debris Flows: Disasters, Risk, Forecast, Protection. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference. Tbilisi, Georgia, 1-5 October 2018. – Ed. by S.S. Chernomorets, G.V. Gavardashvili. – Tbilisi: Publishing House “Universal”, 2018, 671 p.

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Table of contents

About the 5th conference on “Debris Flows: Disasters, Risk, Forecast, Protection”

S.S. Chernomorets, G.V. Gavardashvili

Conference organizers, sponsors and partners 8
Organizing committee of the Conference 10
Traditions of mudflow studies in the institute of hydrometeorology of georgian technical university: evaluations, prospects

G.I. Kherkheulidze

Analysis of debris flows by application of GIS and remote sensing: case study of western foothills of Pirin Mountains (Bulgaria)

A. Baltakova, V. Nikolova, R. Kenderova, N. Hristova

Glaciers and debris flows in the Caucasus

I. Bondyrev

Discussion on the characteristics and calculation method of material source for the debris flow in Tian Mo Gully

L. Chen, J. Wang, J. Jiu, Y. Li, S. Shi

System geoinformation approach to the study of mudflow processes

T.B. Chepurna

Geomorphological and geological analysis of Akchour landslide in Rif Mountain, Morocco

H. Harmouzi, A. Dekayir, M. Rouai

Assessment and analysis of the freeze-thaw erosion sensitivity in Tibet, China

J. Fan, C. An

Impact forces of torrential floods on exposed buildings

S. Fuchs, M. Sturm, F. Keller, B. Mazzorana, M. Papathoma-Kohle, M. Aufleger, B. Gems

The mud/debris flow of the Stava (Italy) tailings dams break

R. Genevois, P.R. Tecca

Potential danger of dammed lakes induced by the 2017 Ms6.9 Milin earthquake in the Tsangpo gorge

K. Hu, X. Zhang, J. Tang, W. Liu

Change in water environment and aquatic ecology of Himalayan region

M. Isaac, A.K. Pathak, R.K. Isaac, U. Sharma

Climate change and flash floods in Himalayan region

R.K. Isaac, S. Shakti, M. Hardeep, M. Isaac

How to effectively monitor geomorphic changes in debris flow channels

K. Keilig, A. Dietrich, M. Krautblatter

Pulse-doppler RADAR-system for Alpine mass movement monitoring

R. Koschuch

The meteorological warning method of China geological disasters induced by precipitation

Y. Li, W. Li, J. Di, G. Zhang, H. Bao

A monitoring barrier for investigating debris flow/structure/ground interactions

G. Nagl, R. Kaitna, J. Hübl

Geological and geotechnical findings of the catastrophic debris flow near Tskneti, Georgia, June 2015

P. Neumann, M. Bauer, M. Haidn, K. Keilig, Z. Menabde, D. Dumbadze

Possible impact of climate and weather condition on debris flows occurrence (on the example of Kresna gorge, Bulgaria)

N. Nikolova, G. Rachev, R. Kenderova

Automatic detection and identification of debris flows based on seismic and infrasound signals

A. Schimmel, J. Hübl

Reconstruction of debris floods caused by breach of the prehistoric rockslide dams in Central Asia and their parameters assessment

A.L. Strom, A.N. Zhirkevich

Forecasting colloidal fractions value transported by floods on the example of Duruji Basin

T. Supatashvili, Sh. Kupreishvili, P. Sichinava, M. Shavlakadze, K. Dadiani, K. Kiknadze, l. Maisaia

Multi-level flexible debris flow barriers: case study in Peru

C. Wendeler, H. Salzmann, N. Feiger, H. Hofmann

Engineering control of debris flow in New Luding county, Hengduan Mountains, China

H. Xie, Y. Li, S. Wang, J. Zhang, B. Yu

Conditions and mechanism for formation of glacial debris flows in Parlung Zangbo, SE Tibetan Plateau

J.J. Zhang, J.K. Liu, Y.L. Li, J.C. Wang, L. Chen, B. Gao

Brazilian tropical residual soils as the solid phase sources of local occurring mud and debris flows due to heavy rains

D.V. Znamensky

Mapping of multiphase catastrophic glacial events

K.A. Aristov, O.V. Tutubalina, S.S. Chernomorets

Spatial-temporal analysis of the mudflow phenomena distribution and ways of preventing and reducing their destructive effects in mountainous and foothill areas of Kazakhstan

T.A. Baimoldayev, M.K. Kassenov, A.K. Mussina, Zh.T. Raimbekova

Design and construction of mud protection facilities in Kazakhstan. The present stage 2008-2018

T.V. Bakarassova, Y.N. Zinevich., Y.K. Khozhanazarov

The prediction of surface position of sediments in the upper bay of mudflow protection structures

P.O. Baljyan, V.O. Tokmajyan, V.P. Baljyan, A.V. Bayunts

Debris flow check constructions situated near the mouth of a debris flow rivers of the Sakhalin Island

D.A. Bobrova, E.N. Kazakova

The motion of the solid phase in a turbulent debris flow

K.V. Verkhovov, S.V. Rybalchenko

Relationship between seismic and debris flow manifestations in Khibiny low mountains, Kola peninsula, Russia

E.V. Garankina, A.A. Lukashov

The analysis of existing methods of determining the mudflow velocity

K.A. Gegiev, F.Kh. Sherkhov, Z.J. Gergokova

The effect of subsurface runoff in the formation of river flood and debris flow on the watercourses of the taiga zone

Y.V. Gensiorovskiy, G.V. Pryakhina, N.A. Kazakov

Debris flows 14 and 15 august 2017 in the basin of Gerhozhan-Su river (Central Caucasus): conditions and causes of formation, dynamics, consequences

M.D. Dokukin, M.A. Anaev, M.Yu. Bekkiev, E.M. Bogachenko, E.V. Zaporozhchenko, R.Kh. Kalov, E.A. Savernyuk, S.S. Chernomorets, M.M. Khadjiev, A.V. Khatkutov

Actions for protection of infrastructure against mudflows of Western Caucasus (in the Lagonaki Highlands)

Yu.V. Efremov, D. Yu. Shulyakov

Water-ice flows on the rivers of the Almaty region

V.V. Zhdanov

Prerequisite for enhanced mudflow activity in West Sayan mountains

E.S. Zelepukina, S.A. Gavrilkina, G.V. Pryakhina

Debris flow protection on Sakhalin Island

E.N. Kazakova, N.A. Kazakov, Y.V. Gensiorovskiy

Glacial Lakes in the Ile (Zailiiskiy) Alatau: Current state, observed changes and potential risks

V. Kapitsa, M. Shahgedanova, Z. Usmanova, I. Severskiy, V. Blagovechshenskiy, N. Kasatkin, V. Mishenin, Yu. Rebrov, A. Golenko

Modelling of the 1st September 2017 Bashkara lakes outburst

V.M. Kidyaeva, D.A. Petrakov, S.S. Chernomorets, I.N. Krylenko, A.A. Aleynikov, M. Stoffel, C. Graf

Comparative assessment of mudflow activity in the geographical regions of the North Caucasus (from east to west and from north to south) by type, origin and volume of mudflow deposits

N.V. Kondratieva, A.Kh. Adzhiev, V.V. Razumov, M.Yu. Bekkiev

Formation and distribution of mudflows in North Ossetia-Alania

N.V. Kondratieva, V.Kh. Kesaonov, L.V. Khuchunaeva

The 4 September 2017 mudflows in river basins Kuz’minka and Matrosskaya, Paramushir Island, the Kuril Islands

T.A. Kotenko, L. V. Kotenko

Rivers of Kamhcatka volcanic territories and their lahar danger

L.V. Kuksina, Ya.D. Muravyev

Modeling of flash floods on the example of the Shirokii Channel

V.A. Kurovskaia, T.A. Vinogradova

Environmental risk for the pollution of lake Baikal by the waste of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill

V.K. Laperdin

Factors of forming mudflows in Baikal rift zone and the protection of “Tunka Valley” autotouristic cluster 

A.M. Lekhatinov, E.B. Lekhatinova 

Natural distribution and activity indicators manifestations of mudflow

A.M. Lekhatinov 

Mountain ecosystems of Zhupanovsky Volcano (Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia) and their transformation under the influence of eruptions in 2013-2017

M.A. Makarova, V.G. Dirksen, N.A. Vladimirova, O.V. Dirksen

Modeling of catastrophic floods in the basin of the river Tuapse

O.M. Makarieva, T.A. Vinogradova, N.V. Nesterova, A.Yu. Vinogradov, I.N. Beldiman, A.D. Kolypaeva

Use of space weather indicators for operational forecast of mudflows

I.V. Malneva, A.A. Cherkesov

Modern problems of forecasting mudslides in Georgia and in adjacent territories

I.V. Malneva, N.K. Kononova

About the methodology of assessment of damage caused by mudflow action

A.Kh. Markosyan, O.V. Tokmajyan, V.G. Hayrapetyan, G.A. Ivanyan

Mudflow-processes monitoring recommendations on motorways, by the example of the road section from the Sulimovsky stream to theborder point (Esto-Sadok village)

S.I. Matsiy, L.A. Sukhlyaeva, V.A. Lesnoy

Conception monitoring of the mudflow hazard in Ile Alatau

A.R. Medeu, M.A. Askarova, V.P. Blagovechshenskiy, S.U. Ranova, B.S. Stepanov

Hydraulic calculation of anti-mudflow structure with a bottom grating to extinguish the kinetic energy of noncohesive debris flow to transform it into an ordinary silt-carrying flow

O.G. Natishvili, G. V. Gavardashvili

Debris flows in mountain framing of the Boguty depression, South-West Altai: analysis of the landscape climatic factors and triggers

R.K. Nepop, A.R. Agatova

Outbursts of glacial and subglacial lakes at the area of the Progress station, East Antarctica, in 2017-2018

S.V. Popov, A.S. Boronina, G.V. Pryakhina, S.D. Grigoreva, A.A. Sukhanova, S.V. Tyurin

Debris flows on the islands and coasts of the Arctic seas

F.A. Romanenko

Debris flow phenomena in the Lovozerskiye Tundry

A.I. Rudinskaya, Yu.R. Belyaev, A.L. Gurinov, E.V. Garankina

An integrated approach to the creation of the engineering protection against debris flow processes on marine terraces of the Sakhalin island

S.V. Rybalchenko, K.V. Verkhovov

The difference of slope debris flows from other exogenous processes

S.V. Rybalchenko, K.V. Verkhovov

Formation conditions and hazard analysis of debris flows in the Tunka ridge, Siberia, Russia

A.A. Rybchenko, A.V. Kadetova, E.A. Kozireva

The strong hail and mudflow events occurred in the territory of Gobustan district of Azerbaijan Republic on June 1, 2017

S.H. Safarov, I.T. Bayramova, E.S. Safarov

Methodology for the debris flows forecast in the Central Caucasus region and its approbation

I.B. Seinova, Y.B. Andreev, I.N. Krylenko, E.M. Bogachenko, I.G. Feoktistova

Remote sensing techniques and numerical simulation of debris flows in the Akhangaran and Tegermech Rivers basins, using RAMMS software

E. Semakova, Yo. Alimov, L. Sichugova, D. Semakov, C. Graf

Assessment of dynamic characteristics of debris flow

D.P. Sokolova, T.A. Vinogradova, A.A. Ostashov

Principles of morphodynamic analysis and mapping of mudflow hazard of the mountains of southern Siberia

V.P. Stupin, L.A. Plastinin, B.N. Olzoev

Climatology of debris-flow forming precipitation in Caucasus: hypotheses and facts

Ye.A. Talanov

New verification of the groundwater and tectonic processes possible impact on a series of recent catastrophic floods and debris flows (2011-2017)

T.A. Trifonova, D.V. Trifonov, S.I. Abrakhin, V.N. Koneshov, A.V. Nikolaev, S.M. Arakelian

The debris flows hazard of the river Varzob basin (Tajikistan)

A.R. Fazilov, J.B. Niyazov, M.S. Saidov, Ye.A. Talanov

Slushflow release forecasting

P.A. Chernous, A.V. Volkov, D.P. Sokolova

Analysis of the state of outburst lakes along the Gunt River valley in the South-Western Pamirs

G.V. Shafiev

Origin and classification of debris flows

M.G. Nanitashvili, D.R. Gurgenidze, I.D. Inashvili

Debris flow channel processes and determination of the lateral compression ratio

I. Kruashvili, W. Loiscandl, I. Inashvili, K. Bziava, M. Himmelbauer

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