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Селевая ассоциация

Registration Fee and Fee for the Participation in the Field Seminar

Registration fee is 150 USD or 1100 CNY. Registration fee includes expenses for publication of conference Proceedings (not includes publish fee of paper in Journal of Mountain Science), publication of the conference program and other information materials, participation in gala dinner, organization of the coffee-breaks during the conference, translation services, and other expenses. The registration fee for Master or PhD Students is 75 USD or 550 CNY.

Fee for the participation in the field seminar will be determined based on the number of participating peoples. The cost of the field trip is roughly 150 USD including accommodation in Wenchuan area (1 night), transportation costs, meals. More field trip routes will be available in future announcement. The cost of other field trips will be published.

Bank details for payment of the registration fee and the participation in the field workshop will be published on the Conference website. Cash payment is encouraged for the participants without an international bank card. After the transfer, please inform us about the payment, and send a copy of the payment document to This will help to identify your payment and to confirm it.

Online payment of the registration fee is available on the website: