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Селевая ассоциация

Новые книги. Власов А.Ю. Селевые явления на территории стран СНГ и меры борьбы с ними.

New books.
Vlasov A.Y. Debris flow phenomena and mitigation measures in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Bibliography of literature published in 1992-2009. Part 3. Pyatigorsk, Sevkavgiprovodkhoz, 2017. 302 p.

Bibliography includes references to publications on debris flows issued in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan in 1992-2009 (ca. 2500 publications).



I. General section:
1. Monographs, proceeding of debris flow conferences, special issues
2. Chronicle of debris flow conferences and meetings. Personalities
3. Terminology
4. Classifications
5. Zoning of debris flow hazardous territories
6. Regulations
7. Author’s certificates and patents
II. Conditions for debris flow formation. Debris flow deposits:
1. Debris flow formation
2. Relief and debris flow deposits
3. Methods of debris flow studies
III. Conditions of movement. Physical and mechanical properties of debris flows
1. Features and movement characteristics of non-cohesive debris flows
2. Features and movement characteristics of cohesive debris flows
3. Calculation of debris flow parameters
4. Methods of study. Modelling. Equipment for measurement of debris flow parameters
IV. Mitigation measures and debris flow control:
1. Debris flow forecasts
2. Mitigation and melioration measures
3. Engineering methods of debris flow control. Research, calculations, and design of protective constructions
V. Debris flows in CIS countries (in general)
VI. Debris flows in Russian Federation
VII. Azerbaijan
VIII. Armenia
IX. Georgia
X. Kazakhstan
XI. Kyrgyzstan
XII. Tajikistan
XIII. Turkmenistan
XIV. Uzbekistan
XV. Ukraine
Bibliographic sources
Geographical index
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Andrey Vlasov

Sergey Chernomorets, Scientific Secretary of the Debris Flows Association