Debris Flow Association

Селевая ассоциация

Books about debris flows: Givi Gavardashvili. “Predicting Erosive and Debris Flow Processes and the Innovative Measures to Control Them”

Practical guide for debris flow and hillslope debris flow protection nets

8th International Conference on Debris Flow Hazard Mitigation (DFHM8) (Torino, Italy, June 26-29, 2023)

6th International Conference “Debris Flows: Disasters, Risk, Forecast, Protection” (Dushanbe-Khorog, Tajikistan, September 20-26, 2021): website of the conference, proceedings

Glacial debris flows of the Caucasus (documentary, 2002)

Books about debris flows: “Debris flow in the Southeast Kazakhstan”

New journal: Hydrosphere. Hazard processes and phenomena

Workshop on “Early warning systems for debris flows: state of the art and challenges” (Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, October 16-17, 2019)

5th International conference on Debris Flows: Disasters, Risk, Forecast, Protection (Tbilisi, Georgia, October 1-5, 2018): website of the conference, programme (English, Russian), proceedings, photos



International Debris-Flow Workshop (Beijing, China, November 5-6, 2018)

GLOF in the Central Caucasus: Bashkara lake outburst 1 September 2017

New books. Vlasov A.Y. Debris flow phenomena and mitigation measures in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Fourth International conference on Debris Flows: Disasters, Risk, Forecast, Protection (Russia, Irkutsk – Arshan, 6-10 September 2016): website of the conference

World Wide Web Debris Flow Geodatabase (v. 1.0)

Conference on Climate Changes and Natural Hazards in Mountain Areas („MOUNTAINHAZARDS 2011“) (Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 19-21 September 2011)

New book on Wave in Debris Flow (by O.G. Natishvili and V.I. Tevzadze)

Fourth International Conference on DEBRIS FLOW 2012 (Dubrovnik, Croatia, 29-31 May 2012)

New book on Debris Flows on Volcanoes (by S.S. Chernomorets and I.B. Seynova)

Third International Conference on DEBRIS FLOW 2010 (Milan, Italy, 24-26 May 2010)

Vlasov A.Yu. Debris Flow Phenomena in USSR and Mitigation Measures. Bibliography for 1968-1991. Scientific editor V.F. Perov. Part 2. Pyatigorsk, 2008. (PDF, in Russian)

INTERPRAEVENT-2010 Symposium (Taipei, Taiwan, 26-30 April 2010). Main topic of the Symposium: “Natural Disasters Mitigation Including Floods, Storms, Debris flows, Mass movements and Earthquakes etc.”

International Workshop on Glacier Hazards, Permafrost Hazards and GLOFs in Mountain Areas: Processes, Assessment, Prevention, Mitigation (Austria, Vienna, November 10-13, 2009)

Fifth International Conference on Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment (Padova, Italy, June 2011)

International Symposium on Floods and Modern Methods of Control Measures (Tbilisi, Georgia, September 22-28, 2009)

International conference on Debris Flows: Disasters, Risk, Forecast, Protection (Russia, Pyatigorsk, 22-29 September 2008): proceedings (papers in PDF format), programme, guide for participants of the field trip, list of authors, photos.

Second International Conference on DEBRIS FLOW 2008 (U.K., New Forest, June 2008)

Fourth International Conference on Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment (Chengdu, China, 10-13 September 2007)

New book on Debris Flows in Crimea and Carpathians (by A.N. Oliferov; in Russian)

Monograph on The Fundamentals of Debris Flow Dynamics (by V.I. Tevzadze and O.N. Natishvili; in Russian)

Executive summaries of Ph.D. dissertations on debris flows (in Russian)

International Internet Conference on Changes of Environment at the Turn of the Millenium (2006)

Debris Flow Association is a professional society of scientists and practitioners which seeks to foster and support research of debris flows and other natural hazards, to elaborate methods for assessment and mitigation of impact produced by debris flows and for protection of human population. The Association is a non-profit public organisation.

Aims of Association

Association acts in close cooperation with such organisations as the Russian Academy of Sciences, other Academies, the Russian Agency for Hydrology and Meteorology (Roshydromet), the Russian Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and MItigation of Natural Hazards, the Russian of Ministry of Natural Resources, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, other ministries and agencies, federal and local governmental organisations, and interrnational scientific organisations.